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I have never been a fan of kettle corn! I am a plain ole salt n butter kinda gal! Husband is the same way! Well SWEENEY’s Sweet Shoppe has changed us into some Kettle Korn eating fools! We are literally watching each other to get equal amounts to be fair, but then sneaking extra when nobody is looking! It’s so addictive that we look forward to our next purchase of fresh homemade locally cooked Kettle corn Keep up the great job and we wish you the very best in your business 5stars out of 5!!!!
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Hands down the best Kettle Korn I have ever had!! I purchased one bag and had to go back and get TWO more. The service was phenomenal and with a gorgeous smile. They are local and you are supporting a veteran and a woman business when you make a purchase from this shop. Go get you some!
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There is “kettle corn” and then there is Sweeney’s Sweet Shoppe! One taste and you will have to have more. Do yourself a favor and follow their page for the next time you can buy some for fresh cooked, sweet and salty goodness for yourself! Tell Kerri Jo I sent you and get ready for the best tasting treat you can buy! You can thank me later ; )