Everyone has a story, this is ours.

Let me start by saying, Hi! We are the Sweeney’s, Christopher and Kerri Jo :). We met on 4 December 2016. We both knew that night that it was love. I, Kerri Jo, called my Dad the morning after our first date and told him I’d found the man I’m going to marry! From that moment on we were completely inseparable. We Were married on 4 May 2018 and have been traveling for the last 5 years while Christopher was working as an aircraft electrician and a member of the Arkansas National Guard. We have enjoyed every minute of the time we have spent on the road but have decided it’s time we get back to our Arkansas home, grow our roots and hopefully expand our family!

I’ve worked since I was twelve years old, and a couple of years into our travels I started daydreaming about something I have wanted since I was very a very young girl, to become an entrepreneur, like my Dad! When I was around 10 my Dad, as a side gig, made shadow boxes and sold them at festivals, we went to one in Tyler, TX and were located right next to a man making and selling kettle corn. I never saw a single person standing in line for him that didn’t have a smile on their face, and I just love seeing people happy! The smell takes me back to my childhood. I knew going back to a desk job after so much freedom just wasn’t in the cards for me, I used to be the sales and finance manager at a motorcycle shop, sales are in my blood and I love being involved with the public.

So we are back in Arkansas! It didn’t take us long to decide Benton is where we want to call our forever home! We look forward to becoming active members of the community, our church and sharing smiles across the faces of all of our customers in the form of warm, fresh kettle corn. And find other ways to give back! If you see us out and about stop by and say hey!